On his way!

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 30, 2014
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I am glad to hear that everything is going good!! The doughnuts were way good!! But I heard that they are really expensive too!! Tell Nana thanks again!! Can you send me some pics of me as Napoleon Dynamite? My district wants to see them haha!! We also just had a really big rain storm last night which was really fun!! The thunder down here is super cool because it is not one big boom it is a long rumble!!

I am excited to get out into the field I leave Tuesday at 2:15 A.M. (I think that is the time) to Bogota Colombia and then down to Ecuador!! I cannot believe that it is already here!! I will be up all night again and I am going to be exhausted again just like when I flew down here!! I could not be more excited/nervous because I know that I do not know enough Spanish yet but it’s alright I am ready for the challenge!!

This week was pretty awesome though because we had 3 different devotionals!! We had the usually Tuesday night and then we had a special Thursday night then we had our usual Sunday night!! On Tuesday Elder Ballard talked to us and it was AMAZING!! He did not have a set talk before he started. He said that he wanted to be like a grandpa with his grandchildren!! It was an amazing talk. It had a lot of really important things in it for missionaries!! He talked about a lot of different things!! Like the importance of education, good study habits, and then tons of other missionary topics! One thing that he said that I really loved is "there is no silver bullet approach that works every time with every person! If there was, they would have already told us!! This is because every person is different and every person needs something different. I already felt like I knew that but at the same time it was really good to hear!! Then we had the special devotional. We had 2 members of the 70 come and talk to us!! Elder Allen, and Elder Evens (Elder Evens is currently head of missionary operations or something like that) Elder Allen really stressed the fact that converting someone is not just baptizing them!! Too often there are converts who walk in the front door and then right out the back!! I thought that was an awesome insight and between the two brethren they really pounded in the idea that our goal is not find, teach, baptize but, Find, Teach, Baptize, retain and reactivate!! Retaining and reactivating are just as important as the first three. We need to have a balance!! Then Elder Evens had an amazing talk on kind of the same topic and it was really amazing. Between the two it really helped solidify our purpose!! One thing Elder Evens said that I really liked was that all people can become discouraged! Even Pres. Hinckley was discouraged during his mission!! And finally on Sunday we watched a talk from Elder Bednar which was awesome!! He talked about the character of Christ!! How he was never focused on himself!! But how the natural man is always focused on himself!! He likened the Natural man to the cookie monster and how all he ever wanted was cookies and if he didn't get them he was sad and wanted everyone to look at him!! He talked about when Satan tempted Christ after his 40 days of fasting the real temptation was not the food, power but it was to use his powers for his own gain!! And he pointed out that in Matt. 4:11 when it says that Jesus was helped by the angels, he pointed out that there is a Joseph Smith Translation to that verse and we find that instead of helping himself he actually sends the angels to help John who is in prison!! This talk was amazing. I loved how it explained that we need to make sure that we are not focusing on ourselves but on the people around us which is the entire purpose of me being a missionary!!

I could not be more excited for Conference!! It will be my last Saturday and Sunday in the MTC during conference and I couldn't be more excited!! Thanks for all the love!!Love, Hyrum

Mexico Temple Visit

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 23, 2014
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Mexico Temple Visit.

Temple Visit

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 23, 2014
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This week went by extremely fast! There weren't really any big events other than last Tuesday President Scott spoke which was Awesome!! It was an awesome talk about the importance of missionary work and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Then I had a lot of class time as usual!!

On Sunday we watched a talk from President Bednar about being a preach my gospel missionary and that was also amazing!! Between those 2 talks I learned a lot about how important missionary work is it was amazing!! Today I went to the Temple and it was awesome!! We were able to go through their visitor’s center and go to a little gift shop that was close by!! It was one of the most amazing visitor’s centers I have ever been too and I loved every second of being there!!

I forgot to mention that my teacher re-challenged us this week to have 30 scriptures memorized before next Saturday!! I have like 10 so I have a lot of work to do but I know that if by some miracle I can pull it off I will be able to really put the scriptures to good use while on my mission!!

I forgot to mention that this week the last of my friends from other districts left for their missions which kinda sucked!! But I am super excited for them!! And tell Jess I found Elder Cooper!!

Love, Hyrum

MTC Life!

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 16, 2014
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I am glad that everyone is doing so well!! Tell Thomas, Sam and Sam to email me haha!!

This week has been pretty crazy!! I was sick early this week and I also got hurt playing cage soccer earlier this week! Cage soccer is played on a basketball court that just has metal goals on each end it is suuuuppppper fun!! What happened was I jumped for a ball as the goalie and got pushed by an elder and landed straight on my left side!! It hurt super bad but I just ran it off!! I thought I had a sprained wrist so I went to the enfermaria, and the lady sprayed some cool stuff on my wrist that froze it!! It felt better later that night!! My hip gave me problems for a couple days but I am fine now!! It is still just a little tender!! So that was super exciting!!

Last Tuesday was super awesome because for our weekly devotional it was Elder Holland!! It was a talk he gave to the missionaries in Provo in Jan. of last year roughly! That was awesome!! I love the way that Holland speaks he is probably my favorite speaker!!

Yesterday was Mexican Independence Day!! For the entire evening we watched a presentation! The presentation was lots of dancing which was really fun to watch!! Then we watched a video on what happened on that day, we also watched a video that was really cool about Mexican culture!! Then we finished it off by singing the National Anthem!! That was a really fun night!!

I am loving my time here it is awesome!! At the same time I can’t wait to get into the field!! Spanish is coming along!! But, I cannot wait until I am able to more fully express myself!! Mexico is amazing!! I can see why everyone goes on vacation down here because the weather is AWESOME!! But I spend most of my time in a class room studying haha!! I like Spanish a lot so far!! I am kind of starting to get the hang of the language but at the same time it is kind of hard!! I am super excited to go to Ecuador I wish I could leave right now but I know that I can´t because I have soooo much to learn!!

Love you all!!

Love, Hyrum

Picture of DINNER!

Photos are up!

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 20, 2014

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Welcome to Elder Nykamps Missionary Site

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 19, 2014
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Elder Nykamp & Elder Clyde - companions

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A quick one!

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 14, 2014
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I only have an hour each day to write so I have to keep it kinda quick!! The language is kinda coming along haha but it is overwhelming!! I do my best not to stress too much about everything so I am still doing pretty well!! I will go to the Mexico Temple once but since it is closed we just go to the visitor’s center. I am definitely setting into the routine which is nice!! My companion is cool!! Tell Michael Happy birthday for me!! I know that this is the best thing I could be doing with my life right now and I am extremely excited to serve the Lord!! I had my first big wave of home sickness today when some of the Christmas music came up on my MP3 player.. It reminded me so much of home and it was awesome to think about how much I love being around you guys!!! We found out yesterday that we are supposed to only talk in Spanish for the rest of the time I am in the MTC! It is very hard and I still talk in a lot of English but I am progressing a lot more in Spanish than I thought I would!! It is cool to see how fast I am learning now that I have the Lords help!!

Love, Hyrum

Letter 1

Written by Elder Nykamp on September 2, 2014

The flight over Texas wasn't too bad! We flew above the storm but it just looked like a lot of regular clouds. The worst flight was SLC to Atlanta because at the very beginning of the flight it was super turbulent and so that was kinda rough for a while but I was ok! The days are packed with things to do all day so I never am bored and I have not missed my phone at all! At times classes can get a little boring and I almost fell asleep a couple times the first couple days. That’s because I had only gotten 1 hour of sleep the day I left! I am not even sure if I fell asleep for that long but it was on the flight from SLC to Atlanta. I haven't really gotten into the normal everyday schedule yet because the first 2-3 days was a lot of orientation. I heard that the days are about to get extremely repetitive haha! I have also heard that by the last couple weeks I will be super excited to get into the field! The food is actually pretty dang good!! I have liked every meal I have had so far!! I can already tell that the food is going to get old fast and I am going to start getting sick of the food!! It’s been pretty great!! My companion is Elder Clyde. He is from San Diego and is going to SLC West mission! They separate all the English speaking elders and the Native elders. This MTC for the native elders is just like the Provo MTC so they are only here for 9 days or however long! We forgot to pack a bar of soup haha but that is it! I bought one at the store. I have actually been pretty healthy. I have had a tiny bit of a runny nose but only in the morning so I’m good. Will you please make sure that you post my info on twitter, instagram and or facebook haha thanks!! Love, Hyrum HAHA and also I forgot to mention that we actually taught our first investigator on our 3rd day here! It was very scary because I knew basically no Spanish! Thank goodness my companion is actually very good at Spanish and so he was able to talk to the investigator a lot! I am really working hard to understand the language but it is hard and it is going to take a long time for me!! I have already been a little overwhelmed a couple times with the language but I then just remind myself how badly I wanted to go Spanish speaking and how excited I was when I found out I was in fact called Spanish speaking!! While that has been hard at the same time I have already have a very large amount of very strong spiritual experiences!! It has been a huge blessing! I have already come to realize that I am going to have noticeable spiritual experiences multiple times a day!! This has been a huge blessing these first couple days because it has really given me the feeling of love from Heavenly Father! I could not be more excited to be on my mission but at the same time it is also very scary!! There have been many times throughout this week that me, my companion, or one have my roommates has just been like, "guys we are actually on our missions right now....." it is an extremely weird feeling but I am super excited!!